Ecologically Responsible

At MAC we recognise that the environmental performance of a building can be as crucial as the other functions it fulfils. We acknowledge our responsibility to the environment and take steps to minimise our impact upon it.

On MAC projects we utilise the most sustainable products and installation techniques available and operate stringent quality control and working procedures to minimise waste of materials and energy during site installations.

We choose to partner with manufacturers who share our commitment to sustainability and actively promote a portfolio of environmentally-friendly waterproofing systems.

Sustainable Systems

MAC’s eco-friendly waterproofing systems include:

  • Intensive & extensive green roof systems
  • Blue roof rainwater attenuation systems
  • Photovoltaic energy roof systems
  • Thermally efficient insulation
  • CO2 reducing roofing materials

Green Roofs

Creating natural habitats for local wildlife to thrive

A green roof system (sometimes referred to as a living roof) incorporates a root barrier waterproofing layer which is then partially or completely covered with growing medium and vegetation. Intensive, extensive and biodiverse variants are available depending on the type of building and requirements of the project.

  • Encourages biodiversity in built-up areas

  • Considerably reduced stormwater run-off

  • Attracts wildlife to the roof such as birds, bees and other insects

  • Helps regulate indoor temperature & save energy

Blue Roofs

Sustainable rainwater attenuation systems

A blue roof is specifically designed to help store and control rainwater where it lands, allowing it to be accessed and used in a more measure way as and when required. They are particularly useful in areas where rainfall is less regular, or where local planning laws restrict the amount of rainwater that is allowed to leave a site.

  • Sustainable urban drainage system (SuDs)

  • Helps store and reuse rainwater in a controlled manner

  • Integrated within a high performance roofing system

  • Can help to reduce water bills for commercial properties

Bio Solar Roofs

Integrated green roof system with photovoltaic energy panels

Bio solar roofs can combine the many benefits of living roof systems with the latest photovoltaic energy technology. In these systems the substrate and vegetation provide the ballasted installation mechanism needed to secure the PV array.

  • No roof penetrations required

  • Green roof temperature helps keep the modules at optimal output

  • Raised modules allow light and moisture under the panels

  • Cost effective option vs mechanically fixed PV system

The MAC Difference

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Commitment to the Environment

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Below are some of MAC’s latest sustainable roofing projects. To view more please visit our dedicated case studies page.


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