Flat Roofing Services

With extensive experience covering virtually all types of flat roof system, you can rest assured that MAC Roofing will not let you down.

At MAC Roofing, we know what it takes to deliver a dependable, quality service and have the proven expertise to deliver exactly what you need. That’s why clients and main contractors nationwide have come to rely upon MAC’s professional approach to delivering outstanding roofing and waterproofing solutions.

Built-up Felt Roofing

High Performance, Multi-Layer Protection

With BUFR systems, reinforced bituminous membranes are typically combined in two or three layers to offer long-lasting weatherproof protection. They can also be combined with high performance thermal insulation to meet a variety of modern roof specifications.

  • Proven systems, successfully specified for over 50 years

  • Multi-layer waterproof protection

  • Robust waterproofing that is highly resistant to foot traffic

  • Typically used on roof refurbishment projects

Monolithic Hot Melt

Fully-Bonded, Seamless Protection

Hot melt waterproofing systems provide outstanding life expectancy and are regularly chosen to protect prestigious new build projects. They are typically specified underneath paved and ballasted roofs, as podium deck waterproofing and as part of green or biodiversity roofs.

  • Durable waterproofing performance

  • Versatile system, allowing for flexibility and freedom of design

  • Self-healing formulation

  • Typically used on new build applications

Polymeric Single Ply

Flexible, Versatile, Low-Maintenance Waterproofing

Single ply systems provide exceptional freedom of choice in roof design and appearance and are well suited to both new build construction and roof refurbishment projects. They offer rapid installation, flexibility and long-lasting protection from the elements.

  • Rapid installation allowing for fast-track construction

  • Flame-free construction using hot-air welding, adhesives & fasteners

  • Simple detailing to suit all situations

  • Low maintenance system with easy repair

Liquid Roofing Systems

Cold-Applied, Seamless Technology

Liquid systems are well suited to both refurbishment and new build projects, and can be used in diverse areas of roofing, pedestrian areas, car parks and structural waterproofing. Liquid systems offer flame-free technology and long-lasting protection.

  • Cold, flame-free installation

  • Seamless membranes with simple detailing

  • Tough, flexible membranes which are quick to install

  • Choice of colours for design flexibility

The MAC Difference

Diverse, Versatile Skillset

Design & Technical Support

Extensive Coverage & Capability

Health & Safety Excellence

Commitment to the Environment

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