At MAC our mission is to waterproof and protect the nation’s buildings, creating valuable spaces in which individuals, communities and businesses can thrive. But we also have a passion to do this in a safe, sustainable way, adopting working practices that care for the world around us whilst creating a safe, healthy environment in which our people can work.

We believe that sustainability pledges should have substance. More than just ‘green wash’ we are genuinely committed to the protection of the environment, prevention of pollution and sustainable development. We regularly assess the environmental effects of all our products, projects, policies and operations with the aim of minimising and controlling any environmental impacts, both now and in the future.

MAC’s sustainability pledge revolves around three key areas: Our Earth, Our People and Our Business…

Our Earth

  • We take our ecological responsibilities seriously and recognise that the environmental performance of a building can be as crucial as the other functions it fulfils. We acknowledge the fragile nature of the global environment in which we operate and take steps to minimise all harmful aspects of our activities on it.

  • On MAC projects we utilise the most sustainable products and installation techniques available and operate stringent quality control and working procedures to minimise waste of materials and energy during site installations.

  • We choose to partner with manufacturers who share our commitment to sustainability and actively promote a portfolio of eco-friendly waterproofing systems which include:

  • Intensive & extensive green roof systems

  • Blue roof rainwater attenuation systems
  • Thermally efficient insulation

  • Photovoltaic energy roof systems
  • CO2 reducing roofing materials
  • BRE Green Guide rated systems
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Our People

  • We look after our staff and care about their wellbeing. We have a dedicated in-house Mental Health First Aider whose role is to support employees and recognise the early signs and symptoms of common workplace mental health illnesses. We also aim to promote a greater awareness of mental health in the workplace and reduce any stigma surrounding this important issue.
  • We encourage our people to spend time outdoors wherever possible, acknowledging the many positive impacts that nature can have on mental well-being.
  • We organise regular team-building events to encourage good relationships between our employees and fulfilment in the workplace.

Our Business

  • We seek to reduce the creation, emission and discharge of any type of pollutants during our operations. We acknowledge that it is the responsibility of all employees, suitably trained, to work together to achieve these objectives and minimise all adverse effects.
  • We have implemented an Environmental Management System which fully meets the demands of BS EN ISO 14001:2015. Through this Internationally recognised Management System, we carefully address our use of energy and raw materials, setting challenging targets and objectives in order to minimise our impact on the environment. These targets are regularly reviewed with an ongoing commitment to continual improvement.

  • From the cars and vans that we drive, to our actions on site and in the office, MAC is committed to achieving the highest levels of environmental sustainability. We regularly communicate our sustainability goals to our employees and strive to embrace a process of continual assessment and improvement in this area.
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“At MAC we recognise that sustainable business growth is not the same as doing business in a sustainable way – we believe you can have both.”

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